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From Emojis with ‘Audiomojis’: Google has a massive update lined up for the Phone app

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its Phone app that will enable users to react to phone calls through sound effects and animations.

This new feature was discovered in the latest beta version of the Phone App by AssembleDebug.

Dubbed “Audiomojis” internally, this feature will offer users a selection of six sound effects to choose from sad, applause, celebrate, laugh, drumroll, and poop. A corresponding animation will accompany each sound impact on the screen.

The development of audiologists appears to have commenced as early as September 2023 under the name “sound reactions.” Although Google initially removed traces of the feature, the latest beta version indicates ongoing development, albeit with a new moniker.

The specifics of how an audiologist will be activated within the phone app still need clarification. One possibility suggested by the code sleuth who unearthed the feature is that Google may restrict it to calls screened by the app’s Call Screen feature.

Another aspect yet to be determined is whether both parties in the phone call will hear and see the sound effects and animations or if it will be exclusive to the user who initiates the audiomoji. Ensuring visibility of the animations on both ends would necessitate support from both parties.

Introducing sound effects and animations to phone calls promises to inject fun and personalization into conversations. With apps like Messages enabling users to react to texts with emojis, incorporating a similar concept into phone calls is a logical extension.

While Google has not made an official announcement regarding audiologists, the feature’s potential inclusion in the public version of the Phone app remains uncertain. However, given Google’s recent focus on integrating playful reactions into its messaging services, it appears the company is keen on infusing communication with more personality and expression.

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