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Foxconn’s gift to PM Modi: iPhone maker promises to hire thousands as it looks to expand in India

The Taiwanese contract manufacturing giant, Foxconn has set ambitious goals for its investment and employment expansion in India. This announcement was made by Foxconn’s India representative, V Lee, as he extended his birthday wishes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a LinkedIn post on Sunday.

Lee expressed Foxconn’s commitment to doubling its workforce, increasing foreign direct investment (FDI), and expanding its overall business operations in India within the following year.

In Lee’s words, “Under your leadership, Foxconn has experienced smooth and rapid growth in India. We will redouble our efforts to offer you an even greater birthday gift next year to double our employment, FDI, and business footprint in India.”

This announcement follows Foxconn’s significant investments in India, particularly in the southern states, solidifying the company’s pivotal role in India’s quest to become a global manufacturing hub.

In recent developments, Foxconn has been actively exploring investment opportunities in India, with a strong focus on establishing a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat. Such a move can substantially enhance India’s domestic electronics manufacturing capabilities.

Foxconn’s expansion plans closely align with India’s strategy to bolster domestic manufacturing and establish itself as a prominent player in the global electronics industry.

These proposed investments reflect Foxconn’s confidence in India’s growth potential and contribute substantially to job creation and technological advancements within the country.

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