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We’ve taken to our digital world with gusto ever since the pandemic began. With little to no access to our favorite malls and outings restricted on account of social distancing, we have invited the world to our doorstep through almost any product we’ve wished for.

In all of this, the one unbreakable link has been the unshakeable spirit displayed by delivery heroes who have battled more odds than we can imagine delivering items safely and securely to our doors. Whether it is waking earlier to adhere to new SOPs, mandatory masking even on hot summer days, facing new rules and regulations as directed by states under lockdown, to finally reaching your place with your anticipated products, the journey of delivery personnel have been arduous and strenuous, to say the least.

You might not have noticed them in recent times, too, given the nature of doorstep delivery that has seen a rise as a delivery option. But as the nation slowly comes out of the second wave and deliveries begin again with gusto, this is perhaps an apt time to show our love to the people without whom this lockdown would have been even more unbearable. It’s time to show love to delivery heroes.

Flipkart’s Gesture –
To recognize and showcase their immense contribution throughout the pandemic, Flipkart has created a short video that showcases the challenges that delivery heroes overcome with a smile on their face so they can put a smile on the customer’s face in return.

The video starts with a delivery hero named Roshni, who wakes up early and begins her rounds as she sets out to deliver different items that people like you and me are eagerly looking forward to. She navigates police check-posts with her ID, eats only half her tiffin, so she doesn’t disappoint her next delivery, and takes broken lifts in her stride as she climbs up to leave parcels outside designated homes.

As the video says right at the start, delivery heroes like her are no less than Santa Claus or Kabuliwala, who is always known to reach on time and come with gifts. This is why her job description is aptly captured in the phrase ‘delivering happiness.’

As Roshni navigates her deliveries for the day, be it stationaries for a child named Rohan who’s looking forward to doing his practical science project even as education has moved online to delivering a facial steamer for someone named Aunty D’souza and even sugar refills for a woman named Dimple who uses them to make gulab jamuns for her mother-in-Law.

While the video shows Roshni’s life through these situations, one can only imagine how many people order things online at their convenience and get them home through delivery heroes like her. This is why Flipkart wants everyone to be #CelebratingDeliveryHeroes by remembering to smile and saying thank you to them. After all, these heroes aren’t just delivering parcels full of items; they’re in effect delivering our bundles of hope and expectations each time they come to our doorstep.

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