FAUG was recently released as a PUBG Mobile alternative in India. While it generated some hype, it was quickly forgotten, especially when Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced. To get back in the game, it is now getting the Team Deathmatch mode. nCore Games, via a tweet, has revealed that FAUG is getting the new TDM mode. TDM or Team Deathmatch mode is similar to the game modes seen on Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile and even Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This comes after nCore Games, a few months ago, announced the same. The game is also expected to get more modes in the future.

The mode will allow players to form five people and compete with another group of five players. The TDM mode comes with a new Bazaar map that showcases various Indian scenes.

It is also suggested that TDM will provide users with several weapons to fight it out. There will be weapons like guns and knives. This is different from FAUG‘s initial Campaign mode that uses hand weapons to fight the opponents.

The new FAUG TDM mode is currently available as part of the game’s beta. The mode is available on a separate version of the game, available as FAUG (early access). There isn’t any word on when the mode will be available for all users.

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