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Excited about how tech will revolutionise healthcare, education, agri in India: PM Modi to Bill Gates

In a free-wheeling conversation with former Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Prime Minister Modi, it is revealed that he is excited about the potential of technology as an enabler in education, healthcare, and agriculture.

Responding to a question by Gates, also the founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Prime Minister Modi said he sees great potential in tech to revolutionize healthcare, education, and agriculture. He then cited examples of how technology helped PM Modi’s government transform these three areas.

“We have built over 2 lakh Ayushman Arogya Mandir Health Centers across villages in India and have directly connected them to some of the best hospitals in the country through modern technology,” PM Modi told Gates.

PM Modi then went on to explain how the patients wondered if they could be diagnosed accurately without the physical presence of a doctor. “However, they later understood that with the right technological instruments, a doctor can work with them and diagnose them correctly, even if he is sitting hundreds of kilometers away,” he said.

“People are now more confident in the healthcare system. The way things are done in larger hospitals, things are happening in the smaller Ayushman Arogya Mandir centers,” he added.

He then explained how tech also saw a revolution in India’s education sector. “I want to provide the best education to children in India. I want to fill the shortcomings and lack of teachers with technology and bring quality education.”

PM Modi also explained how the education system in India is working on creating visual content for students. “Children lean more towards visual content and enjoy visual storytelling. We have found this in our surveys, which is why we are working towards it.”

PM Modi said, “Even in agriculture, we’re bringing a massive revolution. I want to change the mindset.”

PM Modi and Gates also discussed how India’s G20 presidency was different from other presidencies. “India hosting the G20 raised things like digital innovation and showed that South-South collaboration can be more than just dialogue with the North,” said Gates.

“The G20’s proceedings have been full of twists and turns,” asserted PM Modi as the two began their conversation. “Now, though, we are finally aligned with the G20’s core purpose,” he added.

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