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In a big boost for online privacy against big tech, DuckDuckGo’s privacy-centric browsing app is available as a beta product for Mac users. The only caveat is that users will have to join a waitlist before being granted access.

For those unaware of DuckDuckGo, it is a top-rated web browsing app that uses DuckDuckGo’s search engine by default, which blocks web trackers, deals with unnecessary and intrusive cookies, and also allows users to nuke their browsing data with a single click. The best thing about using DuckDuckGo is that because you don’t leave behind any “cookies,” you are not served any pesky advertisements while you’re browsing.

As per DuckDuckGo, their app and search engine are currently equipped to deal with over 50 percent of sites and clear them of their cookies and other tracking mechanisms while automatically selecting options that either block or minimize the cookies from the rest of the internet. They are also working on significantly expanding their coverage as the beta program progresses.

Users will also get access to a privacy feed on their homepages that will inform users of the what kind of trackers were deployed by which sites they visited. Furthermore, it won’t upload content on websites that place trackers in embedded content. Instead, users will be sent a notification warning them of possible tracking and whether they wish to continue consuming the content.

DuckDuckGo also claims that it is a little faster when compared to Chrome for Mac on some central graphics performances and uses 60 percent less RAM and data than Chrome.

The only kink in the works is that you need to join a waitlist to access the new app for Mac. You’ll need a mobile device that already has the DuckDuckGo app (which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS). Head to settings and select the DuckDuckGo for Desktop option from the Privacy section.

After this, you will have to wait till you get a notification on the app with an invitation code. Using this code, users will be able to download the browser for their Macs.

A similar product is also in the works for Windows PCs. Although PC users can use DuckDuckGo’s search engine and their extensions for all Chromium-based browsers, they are yet to be offered a dedicated web browser that already has DuckDuckGo’s salient features.

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