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Devin meets Devika: 21-YO creates India’s own AI software engineer, can develop software from scratch

Just a few weeks after Devin, the AI chatbot engineer from the United States, made headlines worldwide for their ability to write software code almost perfectly, a 21-year-old engineer from Kerala launched India’s first AI software engineer, which he developed independently.  With the ability to comprehend human instructions, Devika, that AI software engineering bot, can generate software code, troubleshoot glitches, find bugs, and do much more. Mufeed VH, who developed the AI bot, believes it is poised to revolutionize the software development landscape.

Inspired by the success of Devin, created by Cognition Labs, Mufeed VH embarked on the development of Devika, driven by a tweet that sparked an idea. With just 20 hours of coding over three days, Mufeed crafted Devika, an AI agent equipped to tackle software development tasks autonomously.

Powered by advanced language models such as Claude, GPT-4, and others, Devika boasts the capacity for logical reasoning and independent code creation. In a landscape where big tech companies are leveraging similar technologies for software development, Devika stands out as the first indigenous open-source project in this domain.

But what sets Devika apart is its potential to assist software developers in streamlining their workflow. By delegating routine tasks to AI agents like Devika, developers can focus on the more intricate aspects of software development, potentially paving the way for fully autonomous software creation.

Looking ahead, Mufeed aims to enhance Devika’s capabilities through community contributions, a departure from the closed nature of Devin’s development. As Devika progresses, the goal is to match and surpass the capabilities of its predecessor, setting the stage for an open benchmarking process to assess its performance.

Beyond software development, Mufeed believes that expanding Devika’s capabilities will encompass multimodal tasks such as website creation and social media interaction. With an open-source approach driving its evolution, the possibilities for Devika seem boundless.

Mufeed’s journey into technology began at a young age, driven by a passion for programming and cybersecurity. From founding a cybersecurity consultancy at 18 to co-founding an AI security research company, his trajectory underscores a commitment to innovation.

As Stition Inc. prepares to launch CodeSentry, an AI agent focused on secure code auditing and penetration testing, Mufeed’s vision for the future of technology remains resolute. With Devika leading the charge in AI software engineering, the boundaries of possibility continue to expand, promising a future where human ingenuity converges seamlessly with artificial intelligence.

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