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Cyber threats targeting Indians on the rise, Kaspersky blocked over 74 million threats last year

In a recent announcement, Kaspersky, a leading global cybersecurity and digital privacy company, revealed that 34 percent of users in India were subjected to local threats in 2023. The company’s products successfully detected and thwarted a staggering 74.3 million local incidents, highlighting the persistent challenge of cyber threats faced by Indian users.

These threats encompass malicious programs directly targeting users’ computers or devices, such as flash drives, memory cards, phones, and external hard drives. Additionally, they include programs concealed within complex installers or encrypted files.

Kaspersky’s latest report indicates that India ranks 80th globally in detected local incidents, with 74,385,324 cases recorded among Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) participants.

Despite India’s growing cybersecurity market reaching USD 6.06 billion in 2023, experts warn of the escalating risk posed by sophisticated external cyber threats. According to IDC, nearly 67 percent of Indian enterprises are considering outsourcing essential security functions to managed security service providers over the next three years due to the growing menace of cyberattacks.

As India advances in digital connectivity, the cybersecurity landscape is expected to evolve continually. Jaydeep Singh, General Manager for South Asia at Kaspersky, emphasizes the importance of adopting robust cybersecurity measures in light of increased AI utilization and widespread digital payment adoption.

Although there was a slight decline in local threat numbers in India, Kaspersky urges users to remain vigilant against potential cyber threats. As cyber adversaries evolve tactics, maintaining a proactive approach to cybersecurity is crucial for safeguarding assets and preserving stakeholder trust in an increasingly digital environment.

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