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On Wednesday, Clubhouse extended its ‘Clubhouse Creator First’ accelerator program in India after debuting the program in the US in March 2021. “In India, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen rooms on cricket, on music (including entertaining Antakshari rooms!), rooms on gaming and contests, rooms on religion and prayer, and so much more. We are so excited to see what creators from across India will bring to the table!” Clubhouse wrote in a blog post.

Clubhouse says the Creator First Program in India will cater to the “unique needs of the Indian audience and creators.”

What benefits do creators get from the Clubhouse Creator First program?

With the accelerator program, creators in India that participate in the program will be extended help by Clubhouse with “production and creative development, help you promote your show, and provide financial support via matching you with brands or a monthly stipend.”

How and where to apply to the Clubhouse Creator First program in India

If you are a creator and interested in the program, you can start by filling out this form.

The form requires you to share details like your name, email, location, information about the collaborators/co-hosts of your show,  what other platforms you use for your show, etc. You will also need to pitch your show and tell Clubhouse why you should be a part of the program and share a snippet of your show as well.

Do note, applying for the program will not guarantee that you will be a part of the program. The clubhouse will be reviewing the application on a rolling basis.

The window for applying to the program shuts at 11.59 pm IST on 16 July 2021.

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