Google realizes just how important video calls have become over the last couple of years. That is why they plan on bringing some considerable updates to ChromeOS, mainly how the operating system deals with video calling and conferencing.

Most video conferencing apps offer ways to enhance your video. These include effects such as blurring your background and surroundings, swapping out your experience completely, or adjusting for the light in a room.

However, Apple takes the cake when it comes to “special effects” for video calls, thanks to features like portrait blur and “Center Stage” reframing, which works on every app that uses the front camera of a Mac using Apple Silicon.

It looks like Google is trying to replicate some of the built-in video features of the macOS. The first feature spotted in a new code update is the option of built-in background blur.

Machine Learning will enable Google’s background blur. This means that only newer and upcoming devices might be able to take advantage of this feature, namely Chromebooks and other devices that use Intel’s 11th and 12th Gen processors.

Google is also trying out a feature called Portrait Relighting for ChromeOS, which is already in the Google Camera app for Pixel devices. They are also testing out an auto-framing feature that works similarly to Apple’s Centre Stage and a feature similar to what Google Duo offers.

ChromeOS may begin monitoring when a video call starts in an app like Zoom or Google Meet and warn users if their network becomes unstable during a call.

Given that these features are still being tested and are in very early stages, it may still be a few months of development before they arrive for more Chromebook owners.

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