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ChatGPT to replace teachers? India gets its first AI school in Kerala

India has established its first AI school in Kerala. In a noteworthy development, the Santhigiri Vidyabhavan was inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Former President of India Ram Nath Kovind officiated the auspicious inauguration.

However, suppose you’re under the impression that the school will exclusively feature AI instructors like ChatGPT in its classrooms. In that case, it’s essential to exercise patience, as that concept has not yet come to fruition.

The school is a perfect example of an educational institution that leverages the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced technological systems to elevate the learning experience for students.

This encompasses integrating AI technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and data analysis, into various facets of education, including curriculum designing, tailored learning approaches for a group of students, evaluation, and assisting students across different academic challenges.

According to a report by Mathrubhoomi, the establishment of the AI school is the outcome of a collaboration between iLearning Engines (ILE) USA and Vedhik eSchool. Dormer Chief Secretaries, DGPs, Vice Chancellors, etc., helped establish the school.

Vedhik eSchool asserts that this innovative approach to learning, driven by artificial intelligence, is poised to deliver high-quality education. The program adheres to global benchmarks, rendering learning more captivating and extending beyond regular school hours. Furthermore, the knowledge imparted aligns with the National School Accreditation Standards, founded on the New National Education Policy (NEP 2020). This alignment holds the promise of improved academic performance.

The AI school is designed to provide students with a technologically enriched education, offering resources, tools, and guidance that transcend conventional teaching methods. It introduces an inventive educational paradigm that harnesses the power of AI to elevate learning outcomes and equip students to navigate the demands of a swiftly evolving world.

The inauguration of India’s inaugural AI school sparks an exciting inquiry: Could sophisticated AI systems like ChatGPT eventually supplant teachers within classrooms? While the advent of the AI school signifies a significant advancement in technology-integrated education, the conventional roles of educators continue to hold immense importance. The interactive and dynamic human element, characterized by empathy and tailored mentorship, remains irreplaceable by AI.

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