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ChatGPT Plus is now available in India for a monthly fee of $20

OpenAI announced on March 17 that it is bringing ChatGPT Plus, the subscription plan for its viral chatbot ChatGPT, to India as the artificial intelligence research lab looks to ramp up the monetization of its text-generating conversational product.

Available at a monthly fee of $20, ChatGPT Plus will give subscribers priority access to new features and improvements, faster response times during conversations, and access to ChatGPT even during peak demand times.

The Sam Altman-led startup first introduced ChatGPT Plus on a pilot basis for customers in the United States on February 1, 2023.

Users can sign up for this plan through the ChatGPT web app. When writing this article, the service doesn’t appear to be localizing its prices for different geographies, levying the same fee worldwide.

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That said, OpenAI mentioned in a blog post that it is “actively exploring” options for lower-cost plans to broaden the service’s availability.

This development comes on the heels of the company unveiling the next generation of its AI language model, GPT-4, on March 14. This technology powers ChatGPT and the new version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

The new model is available only to ChatGPT Plus subscribers with a usage cap. “We will adjust the exact usage cap depending on demand and system performance in practice, but we expect to be severely capacity constrained,” the company said at the launch of GPT-4 on March 14.

“Depending on the traffic patterns we see, we may introduce a new subscription level for higher-volume GPT-4 usage; we also hope to offer some free GPT-4 queries so those without a subscription can try it too,” it said.

An older language model currently powers the accessible version of ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, which is limited to data until September 2021.

ReadWhat is ChatGPT-4 and how to use it: All you need to know.

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