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Call of Duty has recently unveiled the new Verdansk map, along with a host of more updates, leaving their fans excited for what’s coming next. The old Verdansk map has been changed to “Verdansk 84” to match the Black Ops universe more closely. It features several all-new locations, while existing locations have new setups with some updates in the environment.

Currently, the game’s map has been designed, dating back to 1984 – the height of the Cold War to align with the most recent CoD game. While the overall look of the map feels the same in Season 3, the names of many locations have changed.

According to Call of Duty site Charlie Intel, here is a brief rundown of the new locations:

  1. Verdansk Airport — Updated with a second floor that enables the airport’s control tower-less OP.

  2. Gora Summit — Same map from OG Black Ops with working cable cars that move between buildings and down to the ground.

  3. Airplane Factory — A new location that features interior and exterior locations.

  4. Verdansk Stadium — A classic American football stadium that is still under construction.

  5. Old Mine — A new location in the northwest of the map, below the Summit (previously, old dam).

  6. Grid Array — A massive structure that is an absolute adventure for snipers.

  7. Karst Salt Mines — Previously located in the NE section of the map, Quarry now has all the locations open.

  8. Downtown — The map’s less dense area made for hide-and-seek when the final circle closed there. Updated with head-to-head combat for the final circle.

  9. Superstore — Features New layout, new content, new feel, less camp friendly.

  10. The Gulag — A liberal area for easy movement. The players can access the second floor on the side of the arena.

  11. Stadium —The field is beleaguered with heavy machinery and large crates. Still, under construction, there is a large gap in the stands where construction hasn’t finished.

Along with the new and updated POIs, places like Apartments, Hills, and Promenade now feature new areas from the previous Black Ops Cold War theme. The game features the filly-committed Raven Software. The Battle Pass has also been reset with many new weapons, modes, and skins.

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