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Boult Audio has announced the launch of TWS Earbuds AirBass Q10. The latest earbuds by Boult Audio are available for Rs 1,299 and can be purchased online on Amazon. AirBass Q10 comes with a one-year warranty period. It is available in black and white color options. With a playback time of 24 hours, the case can fast charge the earbuds up to four times. On a single charge, AirBass Q10 can work for up to 6 hours. On the other hand, with the monopod feature of the earbuds, the entire run time is doubled to up to 48 hours.

Equipped with the hall switch technology, the earbuds connect to the laptop or phone instantly when the lid of the AirBass Q10 gets opened. As the Q10 also works as mono buds, customers can use one bud quickly to take calls. Both the earbuds have touch options that enable users to control not only voice calls but also music. With just a touch of their finger, users can adjust volumes or use the help of a voice assistant.

The newly-launched earbuds have a sleek and sporty look. It has been designed with lightweight materials for the comfort of the user. Instead of protruding out of the ears like other earbuds, AirBass Q10 has a low profile.

Some other technical features of the earbuds include powerful dynamic drivers, which make users enjoy enhanced audio quality. AirBass Q10 is also equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 and ultra-low-Latency audio (<120ms). With the help of this feature, users can play games or watch movies without experiencing any lag in the audio of the content.

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