ATTENTION! Third party screen replacements to disable Face ID in iPhone 13 series

Over the years, Apple has made it increasingly difficult for unauthorized third parties to repair the iPhone. With each iteration of the iPhone, Apple has taken measures to discourage people from taking the phone to stores other Apple authorized sellers. The iPhone 13 series is no different.

YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru has reported that Face ID on the iPhone 13 gets disabled if you opt for third-party replacement of the phone’s screen. What’s worse is that Face ID will stop working even if you swap screens with another genuine iPhone 13 screen.

The only way Face ID works again is if you put the original screen that shipped with the iPhone 13 back on. What’s strange is that the iPhone 13 screen does not hold any components for Face ID, so it is a measure that Apple has put in place to discourage third-party repairs.

Apple has continued to face criticism for making it harder and harder for third parties to repair its products. Any third-party repair centers not certified by the company’s Independent Repair Program will not repair the device.

Compared to third parties, Apple stores often charge extravagant prices for repairs and sometimes take weeks to replace parts, which can usually be done in a couple of days.

Only companies and stores certified by Apple get access to genuine Apple parts, training manuals, device blueprints, and information otherwise hidden from other unauthorized repair centers.

Apple’s continued insistence on making repairs difficult has led to movements like “Right to Repair.”

Earlier this year, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and tasked them to prevent companies from inhibiting customers from repairing their products.

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