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Apple’s new AI-updated Siri in iOS 18 is the personal assistant it should have always been

Apple has unveiled an array of groundbreaking AI-powered features that will transform its virtual assistant, Siri, into an even more indispensable tool.

During the WWDC event, Apple offered a glimpse into the future of its assistant with a preview of Siri’s upcoming iteration, boasting enhanced capabilities designed to streamline daily tasks and cater to users’ needs more effectively.

The new Siri has been designed to understand your device and the apps within it better. It boasts the ability to execute over 100 actions based on your activities.

For instance, Siri can now sift through your Photos app to showcase specific images or memories upon request or retrieve tracking details for an impending delivery directly from your Mail app.

But Siri’s repertoire doesn’t stop there. With the new AI-powered features, Siri can undertake various tasks on your behalf, such as updating contact information, refining photos, or summarizing notes for sharing via email.

Third-party developers are also invited to harness these capabilities through the newly introduced “app intents framework,” which enables seamless integration with Siri and leverages the power of Apple Intelligence.

Apple asserts that Siri’s upgraded AI capabilities will revolutionize mundane tasks, saving users valuable time.

For instance, rather than manually scouring through photos to retrieve a driver’s license number, Siri can swiftly locate the image and input the necessary details into an online form.

Moreover, Siri can glean information from your messages and emails, recalling important details like dinner reservations or providing real-time flight tracking based on shared reservations.

In a significant departure from its traditional voice-only interface, Siri will now offer a “type to Siri” feature, bridging the gap between voice-activated commands and text-based interactions.

This enhancement aims to provide a more natural conversational experience, allowing users to communicate with Siri more seamlessly, even when their commands are not articulated perfectly. Demonstrations showcased Siri’s ability to comprehend queries about weather conditions, even amidst verbal fumbles.

Furthermore, thanks to Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI, Siri will leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities. This integration will enable users to receive responses from chatGPT within the new type-to-Siri interface, enhancing Siri’s ability to address text-based queries comprehensively.

While Apple has not specified an exact release date for these new Siri capabilities, the revamped assistant is slated to roll out across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms. This strategic move underscores Apple’s commitment to advancing “personal intelligence,” positioning Siri as a cornerstone of the company’s forward-looking vision.

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