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Apple’s Crackgate: Vision Pro users complain their headset’s front glass are cracking for no reason

Users of the Apple Vision Pro are expressing concern over reports of the headset’s front glass spontaneously cracking, raising doubts about the device’s durability. Within three weeks of the Vision Pro’s release, multiple owners have observed cracks on the front glass without any apparent impact or mishandling.

One user on Reddit, Dornbirn, shared a photo showing a noticeable line in the nose area of their Vision Pro. They assert that the headset was carefully handled and placed in its case without any sudden movement, yet upon opening it later, they discovered a massive crack.

Despite having purchased AppleCare+ coverage for $499, which typically includes coverage for such issues, Dornbirn was surprised to be asked for a $300 repair fee at the Apple Store.

Some users pointed out that even though they bought the $499 AppleCare+ plan, the $300 repair fee acts more like a deductible. Without AppleCare+, the cost of repair is even higher at $799. However, given the short duration since purchase, users argue that the crack should be covered under the standard warranty.

The cause of these cracks remains uncertain. However, some speculate that leaving the battery plugged into the headset during storage may lead to overheating and subsequent glass cracking, indicating a potential design flaw. Several users have reported similar cracks, suggesting a manufacturer defect.

Despite user complaints, Apple still needs to address the issue officially. Reddit users with cracked headsets are reluctant to pay for repairs for what they perceive as a manufacturing flaw. They hope Apple will revise its policy and offer free replacements or repairs.

Because of these reports, users are advised not to store the Vision Pro with the battery plugged in. Given the significance of the Vision Pro for Apple, the company is expected to gather more feedback and address the issue in due course.

However, past incidents like the G4 Cube cracks and bent iPad Pros, where Apple dismissed user concerns as usual, leave some users apprehensive about the company’s response.

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