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Apple to load up iOS 18 with tons of AI features that will run locally on iPhones

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 will prove to be monumental for iPhones, as the Cupertino-based tech giant will be loading up the upcoming OS with a suite of AI features, all powered by a robust large language model.

Excitingly, a recent report suggests that these AI capabilities will operate directly on the device itself, removing the need for cloud servers.

This marks a significant advancement in Apple’s AI technology and is expected to be a highlight of the iOS 18 unveiling at WWDC 2024 on June 10.

According to Bloomberg, the initial wave of AI features will be completely device-based, meaning there won’t be any reliance on cloud processing. This includes utilizing Apple’s large language model to drive the new functionalities without external server support.

However, it’s also rumored that some AI features may utilize cloud computing, potentially tapping into third-party language models like Google’s Gemini, OpenAI’s GPT, or Baidu’s AI, depending on regional preferences.

Apple is reportedly discussing with these brands the possibility of integration into the iPhone ecosystem.

While iOS 18 may not introduce a ChatGPT or Copilot-like chatbot, the focus is on integrating generative AI capabilities into existing first-party apps.

This move aims to enhance efficiency and functionality across various Apple services, including Siri, the Notes app, Spotlight search, Safari, Apple Music, and more.

As for device compatibility, it remains uncertain whether all iPhones eligible for iOS 18 will receive these new AI features or if they’ll be exclusive to newer models.

Nevertheless, the prospect of AI-driven enhancements promises to elevate the iPhone user experience to new heights, further cementing Apple’s position as a leader in innovation and technology.

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