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Apple rollsout macOS Monterey update for Mac, MacBook, iMac

Apple Inc has released macOS Monterey for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac models. The new macOS update brings with it features like SharePlay, Live Text, and Focus mode. While macOS Monterey doesn’t get any significant visual overhauls, it does have some security improvements under the hood.

macOS Monterey: How to download the update

Apple’s macOS Monterey is available for download as an OTA update. Users can go to the Apple logo at the top-left corner of the screen and click on System Preferences. Here, you will see the new update notification if your system is eligible for the macOS Monterey download.

macOS Monterey: Mac models eligible for the update

Apple has already confirmed the list of MacBook and iMac models eligible to get the new macOS Monterey update. macOS Monterey will roll out to the following suitable devices:

    • Mac Pro – Late 2013 and newer
    • Mac Mini – Late 2014 and newer
    • iMac – Late 2015 and newer
    • MacBook Air – Early 2015 and newer
    • MacBook Pro – Early 2015 and newer
    • MacBook – Early 2016 and newer
    • iMac Pro – 2017 and newer

New macOS Monterey features

The new macOS update doesn’t bring an interface face-lift but focuses on improving the user experience. With SharePlay, users can FaceTime their friends and family members and watch a movie/ listen to music or even share the screen to consume content together.

It also brings Focus mode, which s filters notifications from apps and people based on what the user wants to focus on at that moment. When a user has Focus set on their Mac, it automatically sets across their other Apple devices. While using Focus, status is automatically displayed in Messages and supported communication apps, like Slack, so others know not to interrupt when users are wrapping up a project or vacation.

Safari is also getting some key improvements, including a new Tab Groups feature that allows users to save and organize tabs easily. The Apple browser also offers users more privacy protections, with Intelligent Tracking Prevention now preventing trackers from profiling users with their IP addresses.

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