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Apple hasn’t even released the iPhone 14 series, and rumours of them working on the iPhone 15 have started doing the rounds. The iPhone 14 series does bring in some significant changes. Still, most are relatively incremental and reserved for the much more expensive and limited iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Naturally, people would assume that the next extensive set of changes will be coming to the series following the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 15 is more than a year away, so nothing is set in stone yet. However, a few of the rumours not only seem plausible but logical. For example, the iPhone 15 series will have to have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning Port. The devices in the iPhone 15 series will get the periscope camera technology, and there will be an Apple-designed modem chip for the pro models.

We look at some of the rumours surrounding the iPhone 15 series and just how plausible they are.

USB-C Port instead of Lightning Port
This one is the most plausible of all the rumours around the iPhone 15, mainly because the EU and several other countries have forced Apple and other manufacturers to standardize their charging ports. Even India is contemplating putting up legislation that would require device manufacturers to use the same port.

However, there is also a strong possibility that Apple may go completely portless with the iPhone 15 series and only let users charge their devices using a MagSafe connector through wireless charging. Apple has extended the vision of making the iPhone completely portless and only using wireless technology for all its functions. It started with the headphone jack, and if Apple has its way, it will continue with the Lightning Port.

Design of the iPhone 15 series
There are several rumours, so we will only focus on the two important ones. The first rumour suggests that the iPhone 15 will have a standard display layout across all models, meaning that the regular iPhone 15 and the Pro models will come with a pill and a hole punch cutout. This year, only the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are getting the new cutouts; the regular iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max will have a redesigned notch.

The second rumour suggests that the Pro models in the iPhone 15 series will have an under-the-display camera and an under-the-display fingerprint sensor to bring back a form of the TouchID and that the regular models will get the pill and a hole punch cutout.

Periscope Lens technology
A new camera system could be used on the “iPhone 15” to enable more optical zoom. The iPhone could have a much longer zoom by utilizing a folding camera system within the device to put more space between the lens and the sensor. It isn’t clear if this would replace Apple’s existing Telephoto lens or add a fourth lens with this capability.

According to supply chain reports released in April 2022, multiple manufacturers have been tapped to produce components needed for a periscope camera system. The parts are allegedly on order for use in the “iPhone 15.”

3nm chips
Like they have done with their notebooks, Apple plans to design and manufacture their own chips for the iPhones. However, their attempts to create and make modem chips for their SoCs on the iPhones haven’t been successful. That is why they will be relying on Qualcomm for them. Furthermore, there is a powerful possibility that the next A-series chip will be built on TSMC’s next-generation 3-nanometer node. 3nm chip technology is expected to increase processing performance by 10 to 15 per cent while also reducing power consumption by up to 30 per cent.

A foldable iPhone?
Foldable takes years to develop, and Apple hasn’t been developing the technology in a way to implement it any time soon. Usually, whenever a major tech company like Apple starts with a new direction for their devices, leaks and rumours do get out. Although there have been some rumours about a foldable iPhone, they just haven’t been reliable enough to be taken seriously. Apple may be working on a foldable display and a hinge for a foldable iPhone, but it is doubtful they will reveal a foldable iPhone in the next two or three years.

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