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Apple AI for Mac: From OpenAI’s apps to iPhone’s Remote Control macOS Sequoia has some new nifty features

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled macOS Sequoia, the latest version of its desktop operating system. While the unveiling was highly anticipated, Apple surprised audiences with groundbreaking AI integration and a slew of new features designed to enhance user experience and productivity.

Apple Intelligence Takes Center Stage
One of the most significant announcements at WWDC 2024 was the introduction of Apple Intelligence, or AI, across macOS Sequoia and other Apple platforms. With Apple Intelligence, users can expect a seamless integration of AI-driven functionalities throughout their Mac experience.

Writing Tools and Image Playground
Writing Tools, a system-wide feature, empowers users to write, summarize, and proofread text effortlessly. Moreover, Image Playground, integrated into various apps like Messages and equipped with its standalone app, allows users to generate sketches, animations, or illustrations seamlessly.

Photos and App Enhancements
The Photos app in macOS Sequoia is packed with new AI-driven features. Users can now create Memories slideshows by simply typing a description, letting Apple Intelligence curate images and add appropriate music from Apple Music. Additionally, the app introduces Clean Up, automatically removing distracting elements from the background of images for a cleaner look.

Siri Gets a Boost
Thanks to Apple Intelligence, Siri receives a significant upgrade in macOS Sequoia. Siri’s interactions become more natural and conversational, and the integration of ChatGPT further enhances its capabilities. Users can now seamlessly transition between Siri and ChatGPT for more comprehensive responses to queries.

iPhone Mirroring
macOS Sequoia expands Continuity with the introduction of iPhone Mirroring, allowing users to control their iPhones remotely directly from their Macs. This feature enables users to view and control their iPhone screens effortlessly, all while keeping the iPhone securely locked.

Apple Passwords App
In a move towards enhanced security and convenience, macOS Sequoia introduces the Apple Passwords app. This app functions similarly to existing third-party password managers like 1Password, providing users with a centralized hub for managing their passwords across all Apple devices, including Macs, iPads, iPhones, and even Windows devices via iCloud for Windows.

Improved Window Management
macOS Sequoia introduces a revamped window management system, offering users more intuitive ways to organize their desktops. Users can now easily tile windows side by side or into corners, maximizing productivity and multitasking capabilities.

Safari Enhancements
Safari in macOS Sequoia introduces many new features, including Highlights, which provide users with helpful information like directions, summaries, and quick links to relevant content. The Reader view has been redesigned to include a table of contents and article summaries, enhancing the reading experience. Additionally, Safari offers improved video support, allowing users to make videos on a complete screen or seamlessly move them into Picture in Picture mode.

Enhanced Notes App
The Notes app receives AI-driven enhancements, including transcription capabilities and audio summarization. Users can now record audio directly within the app, with Apple Intelligence generating summaries upon completion. Additionally, a new calculation feature allows users to type in equations and have them solved instantly.

Calendar Integration
macOS Sequoia enhances the Calendar app with seamless integration of tasks from the Reminders app. Users can now view, edit, and complete tasks directly within the Calendar app, streamlining task management and organization.

Future of macOS 15
While macOS Sequoia promises many new features and enhancements, some functionalities may be limited to Apple Silicon Macs due to their reliance on Apple Intelligence. As the beta process unfolds, users can expect a gradual rollout of new features, with some AI-driven functionalities remaining in beta for further refinement.

macOS Sequoia marks a significant leap forward in AI integration and feature enhancements for Mac users. With Apple Intelligence at the helm, users can expect a more personalized and seamless computing experience across all Apple devices. As macOS Sequoia makes its way into the hands of users, it promises to redefine productivity and convenience in the world of desktop computing.

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