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Android will now alert you if you’re getting scammed by listening in on your calls

Google I/O 2024 kicked off with a bang, bringing several exciting revelations about the future of Android smartphones. While the company didn’t spill the beans during the keynote event on the exact features Android 15 will receive, they did unwrap a bunch of noteworthy new features slated to grace Android devices in the coming months.

Amid the buzz of announcements, one standout feature that Google revealed at its annual developer conference was Google’s plan to combat telephone scams with AI. Using their powerful AI tool, Gemini, Google aims to equip Android phones with scam detection tools capable of thwarting fraudsters in real-time.

This work is straightforward and clever. However, it is also a bit concerning.

When Google’s AI detects suspicious language during a phone call, it swiftly triggers an alert on the device, flagging the conversation as a potential scam. Picture a red pop-up window flashing a warning message like, “Likely scam: Banks will never ask you to move your money to keep it safe,” accompanied by options to either end the call or continue cautiously. Think of it like having a digital guardian angel watch over the conversations you have

While the concept of Google’s AI monitoring your phone calls may raise concerns, it’s important to note that users have complete control over this feature. You can choose to opt-in, ensuring that all the intricate details of your calls remain securely on your device, not on Google’s Cloud services. It’s a service that operates solely on your device, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Google isn’t the only player fighting scam calls. Microsoft launched Azure Operator Call Protection in February, a similar feature aimed at mobile carriers and their subscribers.

Sadly, scam calls are a pesky nuisance for phone users everywhere. According to a study by voice security platform Hiya, the average phone receives 14 monthly spam calls. Some scammers even use AI to mimic the voices of famous personalities like Taylor Swift or President Joe Biden.

With the Federal Communications Commission taking strong measures against illegal robocalls, the timing for Google to introduce these much-needed scam-detection tools couldn’t be more perfect. These services operate in real-time, directly on your device, ensuring your privacy remains protected every step of the way.

When these game-changing features will hit the streets and which smartphones—presumably Pixels—will get the VIP treatment, well, Google’s keeping mum for now. But one thing’s for sure—the battle against scam calls is heating up.

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