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Amazon has announced it will increase the price of its Amazon Prime subscription service in India soon. The company has suggested it will hike the price of the subscription by 50 percent.

Amazon Prime subscription price to be increased in India

All the Amazon Prime subscription plans will be affected. This means that the monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans will be increased in India.

It is suggested that the monthly Amazon Prime plan will now be priced at Rs 179 instead of the earlier price of Rs 129. The quarterly plan will be priced at Rs 459 instead of Rs 329, and the yearly plan will be priced at Rs 1,499, as per the website. Previously, a prime annual subscription cost Rs 999.

However, there’s no word on when the new prices will come into effect, but it may happen soon. Amazon’s website still lists the old prices.

Meanwhile, existing customers will continue to enjoy their selected plans at the older prices. That said, they will have to pay the new prices at the time of renewal once they come into effect.

It is also suggested that Amazon won’t charge the new prices on the saved card automatically. This means that people will get an option to choose whether or not they want to continue using Amazon Prime.

The reason for this price hike remains unknown. This news might come as a disappointment for many, as the prices have increased significantly. Hence, for those who wish to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can go for the yearly plan at Rs 999 before the change comes into effect.

For the uninitiated, Amazon Prime is an umbrella subscription service that offers access to several benefits and access to services and apps such as Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Music, gaming, free and fast delivery of products, and more.

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