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After France’s iPhone 12 ban, 3 more EU countries investigate banned phone’s alleged high radiation levels

Several European countries, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, are raising concerns about the level of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the iPhone 12.

France recently ordered Apple to halt sales of the iPhone 12 due to radiation levels exceeding permissible limits. The French regulator, ANFR, has given Apple two weeks to respond to its investigation, and German authorities suggest that this could lead to broader measures across Europe.

Belgium has initiated a review by instructing its regulator to assess whether the iPhone 12 poses health risks. The Dutch Digital Infrastructure Agency (RDI) also noted that radiation levels, based on French tests, appeared to be exceeded but stated no immediate safety risk.

Germany’s BNetzA network agency indicated that the French investigation might result in measures applicable to all EU member states.

Apple has contested the French findings, stating that it provided lab results from both the company and third parties, demonstrating the device’s compliance with regulations.

France’s digital economy minister hoped Apple could resolve the issue through a software update. However, if unsuccessful, Apple might need to recall all iPhone 12 units sold in France, according to ANFR.

The French regulator conducts two radiation tests: one simulating close contact with the body, such as when the phone is held or placed in a pocket, and the other at a slightly greater distance, like a phone in a jacket pocket or bag. The iPhone 12 passed the second test but exceeded EU regulatory limits in the first.

While smartphones have faced removal from the market in France due to radiation concerns in the past, this marks the first instance of an iPhone model being affected.

The World Health Organization has stated that, based on numerous studies, there is no established link between mobile phone use and adverse health effects due to radiation.

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