Adobe has announced an updated version of Premiere Pro, which will make workflow easier and efficient. The software company has introduced updates for improved end-to-end experience along with the tools that can be explored by the next generation of creators. In the latest Premiere Pro public beta version, new import, export, and header bars have been introduced. With the help of the new header bar, the three important processes, import, edit, and export, have been connected.

The centre of the headband has the project name, while at the right corner, a drop-down menu is available where task-specific editing workspaces are accessible. With the updated Adobe version, the user can now visit multiple locations and select media from them, stating the company’s press release. Those using the updated version need not read through the New Project and New Sequence settings and directly import their files.

Adobe notes that based on the feedback given by the users, the public beta version will be refined. The new export option has customised settings that users can easily access in the updated Adobe Premiere Pro.

For exporting files from the software, Adobe has evolved from a format-first approach to a destination-first design. Premiere Pro users can now export files to a local drive. By focusing on the destination of the content, the Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the process of delivering completed videos.

Users can target a social media platform or a given media format for exporting the videos, which can be directly uploaded. The software company is currently working on background rendering, which can help users edit while exporting.

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