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The HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 is out, and it makes some interesting revelations about the behavior of users when it comes to gaming. In a survey conducted by HP, high potential for the PC gaming market has been found among Indian smartphone users. Surprisingly, even in the age of the smartphone, as many as 89 percent of survey participants said they believe personal computers offer a better gaming experience than smartphones. The ratio of mobile users who indicated that they would choose to move to a PC for gaming was one in four participants (or 37 percent).

The report also states that as many as 88 percent of respondents preferred a PC over a smartphone for gaming among Tier I cities. The number was significantly higher for Tier-II cities, where 94 percent of participants said they preferred a PC. Lastly, in the metros, 87 percent of participants preferred PCs for gaming.

According to the report, respondents said the better processing speed, more internal storage, better thermal capabilities, more battery backup, larger displays, and better sound effects are why they would prefer playing games on a PC.

While 92 percent of them believed gaming is a stress-buster, as many as 90 percent of respondents see it as a ‘viable career option.’

A total of 54 percent of the respondents said they use PCs for entertainment uses, while 54 percent also chose photo- and video-editing as a task they perform on computers. Graphic design was chosen as an activity used for personal computers by 48 percent of users. These were the personal computer activities mentioned by respondents, apart from gaming.

Speaking about the latest report’s findings, Ketan Patel, Managing Director at HP India Market, said the shifting of smartphone gamers to computers is a massive business opportunity for the company. He went on to say that gaming is one of HP’s fastest-growing segments in its PC portfolio, and the company expects the momentum to continue.

The survey was conducted on 1,500 participants who have used a PC and/or mobile phones to play action and adventure games.

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