Video conferencing app Zoom has reached new heights with a big chunk of people switching to remote learning or working due to the viral pandemic. But the app did not support the option to add a virtual background for its Android users till now.

But that issue has been solved as the feature is finally here with the latest software update. Virtual backgrounds can provide users a sense of security and privacy as other members at your home or workplace get the liberty to move about, and you can focus on the meeting instead of the decor behind your seat. As Android Police points out, the virtual backgrounds can only be still pictures as videos are not supported yet.

Moreover, Zoom has withdrawn support from Chromebook or other Chrome OS devices. The report adds that the latest version is not compatible with Chromebook. So if you use such a device, you will have to get access through the Chrome app. Although, there are chances that the support is extended with the next version.

There are a couple of more enhancements introduced via the update version 5.3.52640.0920. Now users will be able to share the device’s audio with other participants. Zoom has worked on the Calendar Integration feature, so you do not have to open the calendar and then go to a scheduled meeting.

In the department of meeting features, participants will select the Breakout Room of their choice. The update has also resolved the breakout rooms’ issue, not following the main session’s settings or restrictions. Users will be able to hide chatbots in the IM list and mark images and files as unread.

According to the full changelog, the Link Preview has been enhanced, which will help share the link for any meeting. The Search feature has been enhanced as well. Minor bug fixes have been added to the software update version 5.3.52640.0920.

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