Usually, it is only after a video is uploaded that the user is notified about copyright infringement. YouTube has now rolled out a new step, “Checks,” in the Studio desktop upload process. The purpose of the new step is to automatically check the new uploads by users for potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions. In a blog post, the Google-owned video streaming platform said the new feature would help users minimize the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims and/or “yellow icons and avoid surprises or worries.”

It said the copyright checks usually finish in under 3 minutes. However, whether a video can be monetized takes a bit longer, maybe another two minutes. Once the process begins, the user will see a window showing the estimated time.

While the new feature reduces potential copyright claims, YouTube said the videos may still receive restrictions for a plethora of other reasons already part of the mechanism.

The video creators can publish the video during the check run in the background. However, like any other mechanism, if an issue is detected, it will impact the visibility and monetization of the video, YouTube said.

If or when a copyright claim is found on a new video, the user is advised to click on “See details.” This will give the user information about the content being claimed, “including the timecode it appears at, and the impact the claim has on your video.”

On the other hand, if the video encounters an “ad-suitability” issue, the user will see an option to “Request a review.” YouTube advises content creators to double-check that the video, thumbnail, and metadata meet the platform’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines before requesting a review. When the review is complete, you’ll get an email update, and the status in the “Checks” step of the upload flow will update,” it further said.

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