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YouTube is trying to get non-paying users to subscribe to its premium package. A few weeks back, we reported that they planned to show at least five and up to 10 unskippable ads at the start of a video.

Now, the video platform is considering limiting 4K video playback for its premium subscribers. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the YouTube app that limits 2160p playback to YouTube Premium.

Several other users in the Reddit thread confirmed seeing the same, while many users can still play 2160p videos without asking for a premium.

YouTube has started to get aggressive with its ads to boost its earnings. The company has increased ad frequency in several markets. In most cases, users now see 2 or 3 unskippable ads being served before a video starts. The company is already testing to increase this number if ads are smaller. Ads in-between videos interrupt the video-watching experience quite significantly and have also started going up.

Google is yet to confirm anything about these tests. However, one should remember that both Google and YouTube keep testing different things, which are then rolled out widely if Google thinks their new feature packs have received a positive response from its customers, which may not necessarily be the viewers in every case.

Although YouTube won’t get any positive feedback for pushing more ads from YouTube’s audience, Google’s actual customers, which include several businesses, marketing, and advertising firms, as well as several brands, surely would appreciate them. That is why YouTube and Google hope to increase the number of ads on each monetized video.

YouTube hopes that users who do not want to see more ads will be encouraged to get YouTube Premium. Google and YouTube reckon that just having an ad-free version of their subscription wouldn’t be enough. Hence, they are trying out other features they can offer their premium subscribers.

One possible scenario would have been to offer exclusive content from the platform’s top creators for premium subscribers. This is how YouTube Originals was started. However, the Original program wasn’t nearly as successful as YouTune hoped. Hence, Google’s decision to play on features.

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