YouTube had announced a few months back that it’s going to make its original content free for everyone supported by ads. The company has finally confirmed that it will keep its promise starting from 24 September. This will include movies, TV shows and live events.

YouTube Originals are exclusive to Premium users currently. However, Premium users will still receive several exclusive features such as an ad-free experience and access to episodes right when they premiere. Originals will be downloadable for offline playback and they will enjoy exclusive, bonus content including director’s cuts and extra scenes.

A YouTube Premium subscription of Rs 129 per month gives its users several features such as an ad-free experience and background playback, apart from access to the Originals. Videos can be downloaded with up to 1080p quality for offline playback. Additionally, Premium subscribers get access to YouTube Music, the company’s music streaming service. It also offers a family plan of Rs 189 per month where up to five family members can be added.

Not all original content will be available for free. YouTube has listed down a list of the content that will be exclusive to Premium subscribers in its blog post. Any other content that’s not in the list will be available for free.

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