YouTube is rolling out “Incognito mode” for its app users on Android. It is similar to the ‘incognito mode’ on Google Chrome, where the users can see an avatar with a hat and shades on.

The incognito mode is when users can work without their activity being tracked or without the activity being stored in history. This feature has come on YouTube’s version 13.25.56.

To activate incognito mode, you can go to the Account button present at the top right-hand corner of the YouTube page. At the bottom is the ‘Turn on Incognito mode’ button which direct the user to YouTube’s incognito mode. Once you are in this mode, the incognito avatar appears at the top right-hand corner, instead of the Account page button.

This feature is not yet appearing for the YouTube website.

Once you are in this mode, you cannot upload videos; in order to do so, you have to move out of this mode. Here, the Home and Trending are visible, while Subscription, Inbox, Library, Section, and Search will remind you that the content remains hidden and is not being saved to your history. However, it does say that your activity can be tracked by your employer, school or internet service provider.

To turn off this mode, you can either do it manually by pressing on the incognito avatar or it gets reportedly turned off after sometime when it senses inactivity.

This feature was absent for the iOS version of the YouTube app.

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