YouTube has announced a series of Android and iOS apps as part of a video player page redesign. The Google company has optimized button placements and layouts and has added some convenient shortcuts. According to the company blog post, they have introduced five major changes recently. These include a more streamlined player page and gesture controls, which allows YouTube to be more efficient while watching videos.

One of the introductions YouTube has made is Video Chapters, which helps users better navigate videos by allowing one to jump forward to a specific section of a video, rewatch a portion of it, among other things. YouTube has extended the feature by including a new list view that one can access by tapping or clicking the player’s chapter title. This will enable one to see a complete list of all chapters included in the video.

YouTube has also moved the button to a more prominent location, directly on the video player on phones to make captions more accessible. They have moved the autoplay toggle to make it easier for one to turn on or off videos while watching. Small improvements to the player, like re-arranged buttons that simplify the look, have also been introduced.

YouTube has also made it easier to enter and exit full-screen mode – simply swipe up to enter full screen and down to exit.

Suggested actions are being rolled out, which prompt users to rotate their phones or play a video in VR when they think they can have a better experience.

Finally, YouTube has recently introduced bedtime reminders, a new digital wellbeing tool that lets one set reminders at specific times to stop viewing videos and instead go to bed.

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