Xiaomi launches MIUI 10

Xiaomi is celebrating its 8th-anniversary today in Shenzen, China and one of its most anticipated announcements for the day is the latest version of its custom user interface, MIUI 10.

Now, we are yet to hear from Xiaomi as to when should we expect MIUI 10 to arrive and on which smartphones but here’s a breakdown of the major changes with MIUI 10 and what we know about them so far.MIUI 10, as its pre-launch teasers hinted, has been geared towards making the interface across Xiaomi devices respond quicker, while also ensuring that users make the most of the large displays to the fullest. While most of the changes are under the hood, major noticeable changes with MIUI 10 include a new recents tab, a software-based AI portrait mode, the introduction of AI preload to reduce app load times and a new hub to manage all of Xiaomi home devices.

Recent apps tab

One of the major design changes with MIUI 10 seems to be the new recent apps menu which no longer follows the iOS-inspired card stack design. Xiaomi has introduced a new design which allows you to view your recent apps in two rows, which the company believes, will maximize screen space and let you do much more than just switching between apps.

Xiaomi has thrown in full-screen gestures which users can use to swipe away apps like they did earlier or long press to view more options such as opening it in multi-window mode or locking the app so that it remains open in the background.

AI Portraits

This has to one of the most interesting additions with MIUI 10. Xiaomi is known to roll out updates for most of its older devices but the latest UI update will essentially let every Xiaomi smartphone user take portrait shots with a shallow focus.

This feature will work regardless of whether users have a dual camera setup on their smartphone or a single camera setup, courtesy of AI. This might sound like a bit too much but Xiaomi shared a few results from their older smartphones like the Mi 5 and the Mi Note 2 and they do look impressive at first glance.

AI Preload

Just like a lot of other technology companies out there, AI seems to be the buzzword for Xiaomi as well this year. MIUI 10 will use artificial intelligence to look into users’app usage behaviour and try to predict which app may be used next, to reduce app load times.

We are yet to see for ourselves how this feature works and whether it has any ill-effects on RAM or battery life, but this too is an interesting addition from Xiaomi.

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