Xiaomi launches Bluetooth Audio receiver and selfie stick tripod in India

Xiaomi has two new products for its Indian fans and customers a Mi Bluetooth Audio receiver and a selfie stick tripod. Both these products were brought on the Mi crowdfunding platform earlier. The Audio receiver is priced at Rs 999 whereas the tripod comes with a price tag of Rs 1,099. India is the first country to get the crowdfunding platform after China. It is a step made by the company to boost innovation.

Xiaomi’s Mi crowdfunding platform keeps on bringing new products to check whether they will be successful before bringing them to its China and India markets. The products are listed on the website and only if they cross a certain number of sales, the product gets shipped to the customer. Both these products the Bluetooth Audio receiver and a selfie stick tripod were first spotted on the crowdfunding platform and after getting a good response, the company is finally launched it in the country.

The Bluetooth Audio receiver helps convert a wired device into a wireless device. For example, a wired earphone can be plugged into the device instead of connecting it to the smartphone’s jack, which makes the earphone wireless as there is no need to connect it to the smartphone. The Bluetooth Audio receiver comes with Bluetooth 4.2 and can directly be connected to the smartphone to play music or video wirelessly.

The Bluetooth Audio receiver is a small pen like device with a button to take control of various features. It also comes with an inbuilt rechargeable 97 mAh lithium battery which can work up-to 4-5 hrs. The Audio receiver comes with a 3.5 mm jack and weights 10 gram.

The second device, selfie stick tripod, available in India can be used to take a selfie and also as a mini tripod. The phone holder of the device can be rotated 360 to get various shots and comes with an adjustable grip. A button on the handle bar is used to take selfies which is connected via Bluetooth with the smartphone. It comes with a micro-USB port and weights 155 grams.

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