Xiaomi, which is penetrating nearly every aspect of the consumer hardware segment, has just announced a crowdfunding campaign for a new electric bike in China, the Himo T1. The price of the Himo T1 happens to be 2,999 CNY which translates to roughly Rs 30,000. This is not an electric scooter but an electric bicycle, which means it is a regular bicycle which can get charged as you peddle it.

The design of the Homo T1 is not too extravagant but it does have a certain appeal to it. As per a report by Gizmochina, the vehicle features a one-button start, multi-function combination switch, electronic display, and 90 mm wide tires. The Himo T1 is said to start shipping from 4 June onwards. There is no word on whether Xiaomi plans to bring the e-scooter to India officially but you can order it here via the Chinese smartphone maker’s website.

The vehicle has a 350 W brushless permanent magnet motor and is backed by a  14,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, the bike can offer a range of 120 km. The top speed of the vehicle has not been mentioned. The Himo T1 also has a headlight with an 18,000 cd brightness and the company says that it can light up to 15 meters on high beam and 5 meters on low beam.

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