The Apple TV is getting a major overhaul this fall. The update to tvOS brings a whole new UI, Apple Music, support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers and a whole lot more besides.

UI overhaul

The new tvOS homescreen will now feature full screen previews of TV shows and movies, putting the focus front and centre on content. More important than this, however, is the fact that Apple TV now supports multi-user login! Your entire family can now be signed in via different logins, much like they are on Netflix, and they can enjoy personalised content and playlists.

Apple Music is coming to tvOS

Yet another update is bringing Apple Music to tvOS. The on-demand music streaming service will be coming this fall with a TV-friendly UI and, if you’re into karaoke or just like following lyrics, the latter will now play in sync with your music on whatever size TV you’re watching the content on.

Apple Arcade, now with Xbox and PlayStation controller support

By far the most interesting, and possibly important update to tvOS comes in the form of native support for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers on Apple TV. This is huge for gamers because this now means that developers can design more serious, controller-friendly games for tvOS that fully take advantage of the horsepower on offer on the device. This brings Apple TV one step closer to being accepted as a legitimate game platform, by gamers and developers alike.

Screensavers: We’re going under

Lastly, a rather minor, but visually pleasing update nevertheless, involves screensavers. The updated tvOS will feature high-resolution 4K screensavers showing underwater footage.

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