WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol announced at CES 2018

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which sets the standards for Wi-Fi safety, at the ongoing CES 2018 announced its new and secure Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA3) security protocol.

According to the Alliance, the new standard adds improvements that will basically block people from guessing your passwords altogether. WPA3 will also secure your internet traffic and even the IoT gadgets connected to them.

The new WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol will arrive in early 2018.

The Alliance claims that the new standard is secure, and more so for crowded public Wi-Fi hotspots where users become easy targets for hackers.

The WPA3 protocol will encrypt all data on public Wi-Fi networks, with encryption built in the open network. This means that every person can use a private channel that nobody can spy on. The same will also function in a similar way on home networks, but is built for more complicated public networks.

WPA3 according to CNET will also block brute-force attacks. The new standard uses an old trick where an attacker can get thrown out, blocking them completely after a few guesses.

Back in October 2017, security researchers revealed a major security flaw in the currently used WPA 2 Wi-Fi security protocol.

The ‘KRACK‘ exploit which uses key management flaw in WPA2 was a major problem because the security protocol is commonly used to authenticate and protect Wi-Fi networks for both enterprise and personal settings worldwide.

The shift from WPA2 to WPA3 is expected to be slow as it can take a while for manufacturers to support them.

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