World Sleep Day is being celebrated on Friday, 19 March, this year. The day is observed to spread awareness about sleep and the health benefits related to it. Healthcare providers, who work in the field of sleep, also draw attention to lack of sleep due to the fast-paced lifestyle. Often, work and other commitments leave us with little time to get sound sleep. It is difficult for some people to fall asleep soon after hitting the bed. On the occasion of World Sleep Day 2021, read about five apps that can help you sleep better:


The app, which has four options, namely Focus, Sleep, Meditation, and Breath, can help you fall asleep. It offers time-based sessions for meditation and sleep. There are breathing guides for the users that can help them prepare for sleep.


With the help of different dreamscapes, this app provides research-backed mixes that can help them relax and get a sound sleep. Along with this feature, it also has different genres of narrations for assisting with sleep.

Sleep Cycle

The app analyses your sleep pattern by picking sound from the mic of your smartphone. It determines the phase of your sleep and decides a wake-up time from a 30-minute window.

White Noise Lite

Featuring the option of creating your own sound for sleep, the app also provides several white noise sleep sounds, which have the same amplitude throughout the audible frequency range.

Sleep Sounds

With an impressive rating of 4.9 and over 1 million downloads, this app lets the users create their own mixes. It also has a sleep timer that automatically stops the sound. The app does not require a network connection to function.

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