WhatsApp will now be able to go through the catalog of local shops and businesses on the app using a new shopping button. This new button will be replacing the voice call button, and according to the company, the global rollout of the same has been initiated. Although it is not known how long the button will take to reach everyone, it is being launched for iOS and Android users.

After Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is also getting a boost in the business field. Now business owners with WhatsApp accounts will connect directly with customers and connect their shop catalog on the app.

If users are interested in any shop or business, they can open WhatsApp, go to their chat, and tap on the new shopping button at the top right corner. By clicking the button, users will be able to check the prices of the available items, along with the option of directly contacting the business for queries. There is only one calling button now, and users will have to press on that to decide whether they would like to place a video or voice call.

WhatsApp has posted a couple of videos aimed at business holders to show how the new system would work. Here, detailed instructions on how to set up a WhatsApp shop has been shown. In another video, it is demonstrated how business owners who have their Facebook shop will connect their accounts with their WhatsApp number. Also, any customer interested in their item will be able to chat and browse products directly from WhatsApp.

This button comes as an upgrade to WhatsApp for Business platform that has been built keeping small businesses in mind. There is no indication that users will be able to make payments via WhatsApp just now directly, but it is expected that the feature is likely to drop.

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