Android users are complaining of a new and rather odd WhatsApp bug that involves the ‘reply’ feature on the popular messaging platform.

The said bug keeps the reply context in the compose window even when it has been replied to. First spotted by WABetaInfo, the issue has been flagged on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and subsequently confirmed by multiple users.

Every time a user replies to a message by swiping or long-pressing a particular text/image bubble and then exits the app, the reply context from the already sent message shows up automatically in the text field. The reply context shows up even if the user has already replied to the message — on personal and group chats.

The bug isn’t anything major but if you are in a hurry and don’t manually remove the context, you mind end up confusing the reader. However, the bug hasn’t been spotted on either the stable version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS yet. For now, the bug only affects users on version 2.19.27 of the Beta build for Android.

Since rolling out version 2.19.27 of the Beta build, WhatsApp has rolled out three updates, hence suggesting that updating to the latest Beta version (2.19.3) should resolve this bug.

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