WhatsApp has finally introduced Picture-in-Picture mode for its Android app in the latest update. This mode has already been a part of iOS since early this year and has finally come out of the beta stage on Android since October this year. The update is being rolled out via Play Store and is a part of WhatsApp version 2.18.280.

PiP will allow WhatsApp to be accessed in a seperate window inside the app while the user receives a video link from third-party apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and more. PiP will enable you to browse through your WhatsApp chats while simultaneously watching the video.

When you receive a WhatsApp link the video card along with a blurred thumbnail of the video and the platform logo will automatically be made available. Once the link is tapped the video will be played over in the top half of the chat window. The video can also be converted to full screen and video controls are present below.

Some other updates coming to the Android app will be the new group calling feature wherein one can select the recipients of the call before the call is made rather after calling a person, dark mode, and more.

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