Meta is constantly experimenting with introducing new features while also making regular changes in its applications. This time, it has been reported that WhatsApp, the tech giant’s instant messaging platform, plans to provide advanced features like forwarding media with a caption, background blur, and profile photographs within groups.

According to a statement from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is getting ready to roll out an image blur feature. In addition, users of the messaging platform will be able to forward texts with media files. Also, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called “Profile pictures within groups” that will display users’ profile photos in the Chat Group their names.

Introduction of Image Blur tool:

The tool enables users to precisely blur out specific areas of a photo and hide private information without impairing the beauty of the image. As reported, WhatsApp has developed two blur tools that let users edit pictures with various blur effects. To apply the product precisely, users can also change the blur brush’s size. The WhatsApp image blur feature was initially spotted in June of this year.

Furthermore, there is a slight blur tool in the photo editing option for Android and iOS users if they still want to edit and blur a portion of their image in WhatsApp. Users can blur particular photos with the blur brush, which is also available with a pen and highlighter. Some WhatsApp desktop beta users may access it right now. But it’s expected that mobile users will soon have access to it.

Forward media with captions:

Users cannot forward photos and videos using WhatsApp with written texts or captions. They have to send the media file (such as images, documents, videos, and GIFs) first, then separately type any relevant text. However, the new “Forward media with caption” feature will allow users to send pictures and videos with captions.

Profile photos’ visibility on group chat:

Each group member’s profile photo will feature next to their message in the group chat feature. If the group member doesn’t have a profile photo or if it isn’t publicly available, the WhatsApp default profile icon will show up. The feature is presently being developed. Beta testing, however, is slated to start soon.

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