WhatsApp’s been plagued with fake news. WhatsApp has been the hub for rumours. But does that affect the platform’s popularity? Not so much for the Indian audience, it seems.

survey report titled “Social Media/Messaging Platforms In India” by social and consumer research agency AudienceNet, states that the majority of the respondents in India chose WhatsApp as their preferred choice of messaging platform.

The survey, conducted this February, puts together responses from 1,520 Indians in urban areas, over the age of 18. Of these respondents, 50 percent said that they use WhatsApp every day to connect with family and friends, and 87 percent said that they use the app several times a day.

While ‘catching up with friends’ was the most popular use of the app, many said they also use the platform to discuss hobbies and make life-changing announcements such as securing a new job or getting engaged.

Besides sharing personal information, the respondent also said that they trust WhatsApp with sensitive business data, using the platform for getting in touch with customers in India and abroad. Over 60 percent of the people said WhatsApp has helped them increase sales.

Reportedly, about 87 percent of the respondents believe that WhatsApp has been taking proactive steps to curb the spread of misinformation on the platform.

Further, 78 percent of these respondents also trust that WhatsApp would keep their personal information safe. Meanwhile, 86 percent feel that it is important for content, images, messages, etc to be encrypted.

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