WhatsApp has a new-day-new-feature kind of a thing! And the latest that’s come in is a speech-to-text feature on WhatsApp, that will let you dictate your messages to the phone. The feature is rolling out to both Android and iOS users. Here’s how it works:

If you use Google Keyboard or some other third party one, you may have found that the speech to text with these on WhatsApp doesn’t work very efficiently. And to solve that very issue of efficiency, WhatsApp is integrating the feature to its app, to go hands-free and still chat.

For whoever has started receiving the feature, WhatsApp users on Android will see a mic icon on top right of the keyboard, while this icon is present on the bottom right for iOS users.

The feature works pretty much how you dictate commands to Siri or Google Assistant, except on WhatsApp they will get typed out, but you will still have to manually hit the send button.

Besides that, the mic feature on WhatsApp also doesn’t seem to understand commands like ‘comma’ and ‘full stop’, so you either forget punctuation, or you do it manually.

Also, if you make a mistake or the speech to text feature goofs up detail in your message, that too will have to be edited manually.

For short messages there seems to be no real use of the feature as of now, considering its limitations, however, it could be helpful when you need to send out a long message.

Like mentioned, the feature is still rolling out in phases. At the time of writing the story, we could not see the feature on our Galaxy S9, iPhone 7 Plus or OnePlus 5T.

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