Online messaging platform WhatsApp has now rolled out its latest update for all beta users on iOS which brings in a new form of authentication feature. The update, has been published through the TestFlight beta program and brings in fingerprint lock to the WhatsApp app on the iPhone.

As per WAbetainfo, who are always on top of any WhatsApp related news, if you have an iPhone X or above, the then FaceID unlock is available. So how does one enable this feature? Head to WhatsApp settings, choose Screen Lock, and there they can choose to start the authentication feature for their devices. Replying to messages from the locked screen and also answer WhatsApp calls without the need for authentication.

Your fingerprint and facial data will remain encrypted in the phone and WhatsApp will not be getting any of your biometric data.

In more news related to WhatsApp, Android users are complaining of a new and rather odd WhatsApp bug that involves the ‘reply’ feature on the popular messaging platform.

The said bug keeps the reply context in the compose window even when it has been replied to. First spotted by WABetaInfo, the issue has been flagged on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and subsequently confirmed by multiple users.

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