Once again a WhatsApp co-founder is urging people to delete Facebook!

While addressing a group of students at Stanford University, Brian Acton, who quit the now Facebook-owned WhatsApp last year, once against asked users to delete their Facebook account.

“To be brutally honest, the curated networks — the open networks — struggle to decide what’s hate speech and what’s not hate speech… Apple struggles to decide what’s a good app and what’s a bad app. Google struggles with what’s a good website and what’s a bad website. These companies are not equipped to make these decisions.” Acton said to the students at Stanford University, according to a report by BuzzFeed News.

Acton reportedly also spoke about selling WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014. He says that he had to do it for the 50 employees that worked in the company and the money they would get from the sale. Though we’d be very surprised if anyone turned down an offer of $19 bn on the grounds of morality.

In 2009, Jan Koum and Brian Acton founded WhatsApp. Five years later, they sold the instant messaging app to Facebook for $19 billion. Three years after that in 2017, Acton quit WhatsApp over an alleged monetisation dispute. Less than a year after that, Koum quit too.

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