For those users whose storage needs increase each day and even a massive 512 GB onboard storage falls short, SanDisk has just come up with a solution for them.

The storage manufacturing company along with Micron announced its new microSD XC card that can store an entire one terabyte of data. Samsung has bumped the internal storage up to 1 TB on its new Galaxy S10 Plus, however, SanDisk’s new 1 TB UHS-I microSD card is said to record data as fast as 160 MB per second.

Western Digital announced the new 1 TB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card during annual Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) last month.

The 1 TB SanDisk card can record with 90 Mbps write speeds and up to 160 Mbps read speeds. The new SanDisk card claim to transfer files 2x faster as compared to the standard UHS-I microSD cards. The storage solution is said to follow the A2 specification for launching and loading apps. Further, the new 1 TB UHS-I microSD card is said to withstand shock, extreme temperature, moisture, and X-rays.

SanDisk’s Extreme microSDXC UHS-I 1TB microSD card has been priced at $449.99 (roughly Rs 32,000) and it is already up for pre-order on the company’s official site. The microSDXC card will be available for purchase starting April 2019.

Besides SanDisk’s Extreme microSDXC card, Micron has also announced a 1 TB card called the Micron c200 1 TB microSDXC UHS-1. Unlike SanDisk’s 1 TB card, the read speed on the Micron SD card isn’t as fast. The read Micron c200 1 TB microSDXC UHS-1 card provides a read speed of 100 MBps and a write speed of 95 Mbps. The micro SDcard employs the Micron 96-layer 3QLC NAND and has Video Speed Class 30 support.

Similar to SanDisk’s Extreme 1 TB microSD card, Micro c200 meets A2 storage solution for running apps. Pricing of the new Micron microSDXC card has not been announced, however, the 1 TB microSD card is said to become widely available in the second quarter this year.

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