Meizu just recently launched its button-less smartphone, the Meizu Zero and Chinese OEM Vivo now joining the club has launched the new Vivo Apex 2019 Edition.

Similar to the Meizu Zero, the Vivo Apex 2019 features a sleek seamless design with no ports or buttons. However, the new Vivo phone comes with slightly better aspects as compared to the Meizu phone. First up, the Vivo Apex 2019 carries Qualcomm’s latest high-end mobile platform, Snapdragon 855 instead of the year-old Snapdragon 845 found on the Meizu Zero. The Vivo smartphone support advanced 5G wireless technology making it the first from the company to work’ on 5G network. As per reports, Vivo was able to fit the 5G modules by using a duplex PCB (printed circuit board that mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks) design.

Besides the powerful SoC (system-on-chip), the Vivo Nex 2019 packs 12 GB of RAM making it the second after Lenovo Z5 Pro to offer such massive RAM. Coming back to design, Vivo has ditched volume keys, power button and opted for the virtual option on the Vivo Apex 2019. The Chinese OEM taking a similar approach as HTC (HTC U12+) has used pressure sensing frame which means while squeezing the phone it will react to certain actions. THe USB-C port meant for charging has been replaced with a magnetic power connector called ‘MagPort.’ The connector is said to offer dual functionality- charging the phone and data transfer.

While the Vivo Apex 2018 model came with a half-screen fingerprint sensor, Vivo taking a step ahead introduced full-display fingerprint sensor on the Apex 2019 Edition. For this, the company has implemented multiple sensor under the front panel so that users can unlock the devive by pressing on almost any area of the screen. Vivo has eliminated speaker grills and earpiece as well and instead, the display effectively turns into a speaker through ‘Body SoundCasting technology.’

While Vivo smartphones are best known for their imaging sensors, surprisingly the smartphone manufacturer kept it quiet on the Apex 2019 Edition’s cameras. The smartphone lacks a front camera, however, if one takes note of Vivo’s “innovative approaches” from the past, then the new Vivo phone might perhaps adopt the Vivo Nex’s motorised camera feature or Vivo might put in-display camera tech (grain of salt).

Notably, Vivo showcased a concept device of the Vivo Apex 2019 Edition at a press conference in Beijing. The company will reportedly showcase the new model at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 where it is expected to share more information on specifications and plans about Vivo Apex 2019 official release.

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