Well-known for its customisation features, Vivaldi browser has released several features to give users more control over how the browser looks like and behaves.

The latest version 2.4 update has introduced features such as a customisable toolbar, powerful bookmarking functions, multiple user profiles and a built-in calculator.

Customisable toolbars

Not all the buttons and options in the toolbar are going to be useful for every user. Based on your browsing habits, you might only require a handful of them. Vivaldi is allowing users to remove buttons from the top navigation toolbar including customisability in the status and address toolbars. You can drag and drop the existing buttons across any toolbar and even add more buttons. If you want to drag around a button, press Shift and then move them anywhere over the toolbars.

It’s all about tweaking around and achieving the best configuration according to your preferences. If you mess it up, then right-click and select “Reset Toolbar to Default” to return the toolbars to default. Alternatively, you can head over to Settings > Appearance > Window Appearance > Toolbar Customisations and click on “Reset Toolbar”.

Enhanced bookmarking

While you’re researching a topic or you’re prone to having numerous tabs open in your web browser, you might prefer organising all the tabs neatly. The 2.4 update allows users to save related tabs based on a timestamp so that they can return to it later. With the existing feature of bookmark syncing, you will be able to access them from a different machine as well.

To save multiple bookmarks together, select the tabs by pressing Shift or Ctrl and right-click to open the context menu. Click “Bookmark Tabs” and all of them will be saved together. You can access them using the bookmark manager.

Multiple user-profiles

You might have already experienced multiple user-profiles on Google Chrome. Now, the feature has finally made its way to Vivaldi. Users will be available to create different user-profiles that will contain their own bookmarks, cookies, extensions, history, etc. Each profile can be customised to make them look unique using themes, icons and custom toolbars. The profiles will also support syncing.

Built-in calculator

Vivaldi 2.4 makes it easier to carry out simple calculations within the web browser. The built-in calculator can be accessed by the Quick Commands menu. Press F2 or Command + E (macOS users) to open the Quick Commands menu and enter the calculation you need. It will display the result and if you press Enter, the result will be copied to the clipboard.

Apart from these major updates, there are a few more handful of features released.

You can enable and disable the stacking of tabs and also change the hover delay duration of the tab to prevent accidental Tab Stacks. The Tab Stacks can be renamed by double-clicking. Finally, the context menu now allows the searching of highlighted text to display the results in a background tab.

You can download Vivaldi 2.4 from here.

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