We all love to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter). It’s good if you are on the receiving end but challenging when you are the one handing out the gift (or gifts). Valentine’s Day may not be as big as your birthday, but it is important nonetheless and a good occasion to hand out a thoughtful gift to the one you love.

Smartphone recommendations

There are the usual smartphone recommendations, but cost aside, most of us will already have one. Still, if the one you love is looking for an upgrade, you can check out our top smartphone picks whether you are looking for devices below Rs 10,000under Rs 15,000under Rs 20,000

But if smartphones don’t interest you or the one your love, here are some cool gift ideas for those who know their tech, for those who don’t and even for those want to get away from it all.

Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone listens to music. Even if you don’t like music you can also fill your room with some ambient sounds or relaxing meditative tunes and just… relax (once you keep your smartphone in DND that is). Whether on the go or at home, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have. They are easy to set up, connect to your smartphone and are wire-free (save for when you have to charge them).

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a cool and colourful offering at Rs 4,999Another powerful and portable offering comes from JBL and it’s called the Flip 4 (at around Rs 7,200). It’s not as bulky as the Pulse or the Charge 3 but packs in a punch that’s enough to fill a room. Bose’ SoundLink Colour II is another cool alternative at Rs 8,625.

Smart Speakers

For all the lazy ones out there or those who are physically challenged, some home automation could help.

Once set up, these smart speakers help you get things done. From controlling the lighting to playing a favourite TV show and even buying things online, smart speakers do come into use, provided you set them up correctly.

Our recommendation is the Google Home (Rs 9,999) and Amazon’s Echo (2018) at Rs 9,999, which will not only respond to commands but also let you relax by playing some cool tunes on demand.

There’s also Amazon’s recently launched Echo Input that basically turns your regular speaker into a smart speaker. Priced at Rs 2,999 it can do everything an Amazon Echo product can, but it also comes with a micro-USB connector that lets you power it with a power bank, the USB output from your TV and more.


While smartwatches flood you with notifications, smart fitness bands help you keep track of your step count, heart rate and more, which is why we suggest the latter. If you know someone who is looking to start out with a fitness routine, a smart band could help.

An affordable solution is the simple no-nonsense Xiaomi Mi Band 3 at Rs 1,999. Something with a colour display you ask? Then the Amazfit Cor Fitness Band should be up your alley at Rs 3,999.

App, Content Subscriptions

For those who already own a Smart TV or a smartphone, you can always gift a subscription.

Know an iPhone owner who loves apps? Apple offers gift cards (with a personalised message) that can be sent across directly from your iPhone or iPad and start from Rs 1,500 onwards. The Google Play Store for Android devices also offers gift cards for apps and subscriptions starting from Rs 300.

And for those who get bored all the time, there are plenty of interesting shows to watch on Netflix. The service is available across smart boxes, smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones and your laptop to keep anyone occupied for months. Netflix gift cards are not available in India yet, but you could always sign up and purchase a subscription for your Valentine, or maybe you could just share your login with him/her?

Another streaming service with plenty of content is Amazon Prime. While a Netflix subscription starts from Rs 500, Amazon Prime starts from Rs 129 per month.

Action Cameras

If vacations and travel is something your Valentine loves to do then an action camera is a great option to capture all of those journeys (with you in them of course). The 2018 Go Pro Hero now starts from Rs 13,900 and can shoot high-quality video with rock steady stabilisation. Yi Technology also offers action cameras starting from Rs 7,098. More importantly, action cameras are waterproof and can sustain bumps and drops, making them ideal for those into adventure sports.


Gamers are human beings too! So if you want to let your spouse in during gaming hours or even let them explore or dip their toes in the world of gaming, an Xbox Controller at Rs 3,599 along with an Xbox Game Pass (Rs 699 per month) is a good way to reel them in. If you are from the PlayStation camp, then Rs 599/month PlayStation Plus subscription will do you good.

Fun Crates

Cratejoy offers fun crates that you can get shipped to someone special every month (just tell them who you are, don’t creep them out). Among the multitude of expertly crafted crates, we picked the science subscription box called Matter. The crate, unlike many others on the site, ships worldwide from the US at 30 USD (roughly Rs 2,100) per crate. Since this is a subscription service, your Valentine will keep receiving these crates every month with new items inside until your unsubscribe.

Digital Detox

If your spouse, lover or family member is perpetually glued to their gadgets, there always a digital detox. A detox is not to get them to stop using their gadgets but to let them take a break from them and just breathe! You can find a number of these listing at

While digital detox programmes offer workshops that will get away from the noise of the city and basically disconnect, you can also browse through websites like Thrillophilia if you are looking to get closer to the outdoors and just get away from your digital life.

Mandalas Drawing Books

If you are looking for something that is non-tech or helps you look away from your mobile phone’s display and relax your brain, colour therapy could be the thing. There are numerous colour therapy books to choose from that can be purchased online.

And that’s all folks!! Here’s hoping that you find what you were looking for or find some cool things to do from our list this Valentine’s Day!

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